[phc-general] Recursive parsing

Mike Simons ixulai at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 15:06:23 CEST 2007

Hello PHC peoples :-)

I've not long checked out the latest revision of PHC (789) and refactored my
plugins as necessary. However, when I did so I found that one of my test
files was taking forever and a day to parse @ 90% + cpu usage.
This is a big ass file we are talking about here; 11000 lines to be precise
(and it is proper code, if you can call it that unfortunately :( ).
I assumed it might have been some slow down caused by the new pass manager
stuffs... but upon some digging it wasn't.

It was because this file 'require_once'd another file... which in turn did
another... which in turn...
We have a *really* big codebase; 600mb at last check and there are requires
and include all over the shop.

Is there a way to disable recursive parsing?

Kind Regards

Mike Simons
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